Skamotek 225 - Skamoenclosure Boards

Skamotek 225, are strong and resistant to high temperature insulating plates, used for the installation of fireplaces and wood stoves.
Sales price 27,73 € +VAT

Scamotec 225 2

Safe for our health, as they do not contain quartz and do not release any dangerous particles during processing. With CE A1 certification, classified as 100% non-flamable. Easy to use and without the need to buy any specialized tools, it simplifies and shortens the process of the proper installation of the firelace. Characteristics:

  • Maximum service temperature: 1000o C.
  • Dimensions of each board: 100 x 61 x 3 cm.
  • Weight of 1 plate: 4.12 kg
  • Dry density: 225 kg/m3 .

Video showing of plastering and stone placement.

Fireplace installation video with Skamotek 225.