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  After our collaboration with Camino-Service company, our crew take over professional chimney sweep tasks, providing solution to a problem that bothered fireplace and wood-stove owners in Cyprus. According to all fireplace manufacturers the chimney sweep and maintenance is essential and necessary for the well fuctioning of your fireplace and is required to be done, for Cyprus conditions, at least once each year. It is also adviced to proceed to the replacement of the joints at the door and the glass every 2-3 years using the special Joint replacement KIT (extra charged). You just give us a call and we will take over the rest.

Service available all over Cyprus -  contact telephones:

  • 24533690 
  • 99931476


The fireplace is cleaned internally from the combustion chamber and not from the external chimney. The technician will initially cover the "door" of your fireplace with a special cloth, in order to limit the spread of dust in the area. He will then place a special round cleaning brush, depending on the size of the chimney, on a string that can be extended up to 20 meters. The walls of the chimney will then be scraped until all the tar residue that has accumulated during the operation of your fireplace is removed. When this process is completed and the chimney is cleaned, with the professional vacuum cleaner that the technician will bring, the dust and tar residues will be cleaned from the inside of the combustion chamber.

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Charge with VAT Included:

from 60 for Larnaka District.

from 65 for Nicosia - Ammochostos District. 

from 70 for Limassol District.

from 120 for Pafos District.

from 130 for Mountain Territories.


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